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Appeals by HB Anorak

On site or off site, First-tier or Upper Tribunal, written submission, appearance at oral hearing or just general advice.  I am frequently complimented by Tribunal Judges for the clarity, technical content and presentation of my submissions - samples of my work can be viewed in the Downloads area of this site.

Full details of my appeals processing services are set out below.

On site

I will process appeals alongside your staff, producing submissions and acting as a mentor, helping to build your capacity

Off site

Send me the decision under appeal, the claimant's appeal and other relevant documents in paper or electronic format.  I will screen the case and, if I do not consider that it is appropriate to take the appeal to Tribunal, I will return it with a recommendation to that effect.  If the case is suitable for a Tribunal hearing, I will return a completed submission.  As far as possible I will provide the submission and supporting evidence in a single flowing Word document so that there is only minimal clerical work required at your end to prepare the bundle for submission to the Tribunal.

Upper Tribunal

When an appeal reaches the Upper Tribunal stage, the focus is on points of law and making submissions at this stage requires different skills from those employed at the First-tier Tribunal stage. I have extensive experience of preparing submissions to Commissioners/Upper Tribunal.  Whether you want to apply for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal, respond to another party's appeal to the Upper Tribunal or submit comments in response to a Judge's direction, I can prepare your application/response/submission.

Oral hearings

I have been presenting appeals at oral hearings for over 20 years.  Whether you need a specialist to present a difficult case, or you simply want to relieve the pressure caused by demands on the time of your own appeals officers, I will represent your Council at oral hearings, including both First-tier and Upper Tribunals.

General terms and conditions for appeals work:  view my standard T&Cs for appeals processing.