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Standard terms for appeals work

On site

Fees for on site appeals processing are £450 per day, plus travel expenses (Oyster debit in London, otherwise 40p per mile or actual cost of train ticket where this would be cheaper and overnight accommodation where daily commuting from Romford, East London, is not practicable).

Off site

Fees for off-site processing are £350 per complete submission on a standard case.  There is no charge for cases that I recommend for local revision.  Simple out of jurisdiction/not duly made/misconceived submissions are charged at £100 per case.  More complex cases will be charged at £225 per half day, subject to prior agreement on a case by case basis:  I will advise you if I consider a case to be more complex than the standard £350 level.

Upper Tribunal

Work on Upper Tribunal cases will be charged in half-day units at £225 per half day

Oral hearings

Appearance at oral hearings before First-tier or Upper Tribunals will be charged in half-day units at £225 per half day, plus travel expenses on the same terms as for on-site processing.


HB Anorak is a small business run by a self-employed sole trader.  For projects lasting longer than one week, invoices are issued weekly.   For projects lasting less than a week the invoice will be issued on completion of the work.  Fees are payable within 14 days of the date of the invoice.